About Us

Hi-do was founded in  1958 and was the first horn producer of Turkey . It has grown in time, and has become one of the leading horn producers of Turkey as a world brad. Today, hi-do has the widest product range among the horn producers in throughout the world, using most latest technology,machinery and equipment, and has highly qualified technical cadre.ıt presently markets 30% of is production domestically, and exports 70% of its production to many countries distributed on four continents.

According to the capacity report issued by the official institutions, it is capable to produce  2,500,000 units electrical horns and 500,000 units air horn annually one the basis of working 8 hours a day, using its own machinery and equipment totally on its own means without using any wxternal input.It can annulaay produce 7,500,000 units electrical horns,and 1,500,000 units air horns working in 3 shifts a day.

Continuing to grow in a stable trend, hi-do aims to establish the largest horn factroy of the world in a short period of time using its own sources.

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